Sunday, June 07, 2015

Tough going but ticking over

The holiday in Portugal continues:

Mon - Vilamoura 13.2kms out of zone 57:06 (4:20's)

Tue - 6 x 1.34kms threshold reps plus up/down - all up 14.2kms

Wed - Rest (went to the theme park)

Thu - 6 x 1.34kms threshold reps plus up/down - all up 14.9kms

Fri - 6 x 1.34kms threshold reps plus up/down - all up 14.9kms

Sat - Vilamoura 11.6kms out of zone 50:02 (4:19's)

Sun - Treadmill recovery run 10km 35:52 (3:35's)

78.8kms for the week

Too hot for proper training in Portugal. Was going through the motions to be honest. Hitting the zones out there just about impossible for me - some token threshold reps so hopefully I've at least maintained my fitness. Beer consumption was the real winner...


Unknown said...

Hi Matt,

Interesting blog and great race reports, cheers for sharing! I've noticed that since you've been doing 3-4 weekly threshold sessions, you've done no VO2max work or long slow runs, and this system is clearly working for you over 10K.

This might be something I'd try myself so a couple of questions...

From what I can see you've been doing this for about a year, right? - have you found the improvement tapering off somewhat and do you think you'll eventually add in some VO2max or long slow runs in order to keep improving?

What's your average %max HR (or better, %HRR) for these sessions and what race pace would it correspond to...10 mile pace?

Also, what was the rationale...did you already have a strong VO2max training background? Any do you do ANY running over threshold pace in training these days?

Lastly, all this threshold work should be good prep for a marathon training block. Are you going to have a crack at 2.25?!



BeerMatt said...

Sean, good to hear from you. Just over a year - I do feel like I am improving but I will certainly do some more intense speed work in the second half of the year. Not sure about long slow runs as I don't seem to get any benefit from these!

My threshold HR is 140 to 149. My max HR is probably around 165 but I find it very hard to get up above 157/158. My resting HR is 32/33. Yes my threshold pace (top of zone) is close to 10 mile race pace.

No I don't have a strong VO2 max training background. As for runs above threshold - the odd race and a handful of speed sessions. The core of the training is the threshold running!

Yes I am considering another marathon. The goal would be around 2:25. It all depends on whether the knees could take the pounding! I will make a call next month....

Unknown said...

Cheers for the info Matt. I'm going to phase 3 threshold sessions into my training for 6 weeks and see how it goes.

I reckon you should take a crack at another marathon alright, and maybe a flat one to get the most out of your improvement.

BeerMatt said...

Sean - drop me an email using my Fitness Analytics email address and I'll send you a few pointers. Good luck with it. Matt