Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday and Darts

I was considering the track this morning for some long reps but that didn't come off. Instead it was a lunchtime run with a tempo effort thrown in.

After a 9km warm-up, I ran the 5.0km loop as a tempo (it's actually 4.99km according to MapMyRun). I took the warm-up really easy (41:18). It was very humid today (!!!) and my legs were a little heavy (read a lot heavy) after yesterday's long run. I was wearing my heavy runners and with a few hills I had set myself a target of 18 minutes. Well the actual time was 18:01 which I was pleased with. How many excuses were in there?

So the big news is that after today's 14.4km I have covered a total of 116km this week. Biggest week since records began - not that I had run bigger before records began. An injury or a big PB is just around the corner of the next corner.

I watched the final of the World Matchplay darts tonight. The Power was awesome. If I had my time again I would have given this running malarkey away and "focused on me arrers". These guys get paid for getting pissed and hitting some red bit. Plus Alex Higgins passed away. Another one of my idols. That exhibition match I watched Higgins play at the Inn off the Park in Middlesbrough is something I shall take to my grave. Pure genius.

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