Sunday, September 06, 2015

Another good week

This week:

Mon - Treadmill 10km recovery run 35:56 (3;36's)

Tue - 2km up, 12km threshold run 42:11 (3:31's), 2.1km down. All up 16.1kms

Wed - Claregalway 11.1km recovery run 42:39 (3:51's)

Thu am - 2km up, 13km threshold run 45:17 (3:29's), 1.1km down. All up 16.1kms

Thu pm - Mayo AC easy 2.7kms

Fri -  Claregalway 11.1km recovery run 41:54 (3:46's)

Sat - 2km up, 11km threshold run 37:50 (3:26's), 1.4km down. All up 14.4kms

Sun - Claregalway 9.5km recovery run 38:30 (4:03's)

Total for week 91.0kms.

Three good outside threshold runs so definitely making progress. I ran the Saturday one late at night and felt really good - cruising along nicely at sub 3:30/km pace.

I was on an Athletics Ireland coaching course Saturday and Sunday. Quite interesting and the highlight was having Brother Colm O'Connell there for the second morning and he was very good to listen to getting an insight into how the Kenyans train,

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