Sunday, March 08, 2015

Just not happening

Here's another week:

Mon - 9.5kms recovery run in 36:21 (3:50's)

Tue - 2km up, 10km threshold 32:15, 2km down

Wed - 2km up, 4 x 30 sec strides, 6 x 3 mins tempo, 2km down

Thu - treadmill recovery run 10km 36:10 (3:37's)

Fri - gentle 20 mins out of zone plus strides

Sat - Kinvara 10km 2nd in 33:19

Sun - 14.8km recovery run in 55:53 (3:47's)

I ran some 3 minute efforts on the treadmill on Wednesday. I started out at 3:00/km pace at 1.5% incline and got quicker each rep. A tough workout but the heart rate just not getting high enough...

The race on Saturday was another tough one. Very windy and the first 5.5km of the race was challenging. Then felt great for the run home with the help of the wind. A sponsored athlete was over from Wales and he won in a classy 31:17. He was a sub 30 minute guy (3:38 for 1500) and even he found it tough. I'd say I'm in a minute better shape than 33:19 but just not getting good conditions for quick times....

I'll keep plugging away. Masters indoors next weekend - I've entered the 3,000m and I also have the option to double up in the 1,500......

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