Sunday, September 25, 2016


This week was a non-starter:

Mon - Rest

Tue - Treadmill easy run 6.0kms 30:42 (5:07’s)

Wed - Treadmill easy 7 x 1km gradually upping the pace

Thu - Treadmill easy run 10.0kms 39:15 (3:56’s)

Fri - Treadmill easy run 10.0kms 46:17 (4:38’s)

Sat – Derry easy run 12.4kms 52:10 (4:12’s)

Sun - Treadmill easy run 10.0kms 41:22 (4:08’s)

Weekly total 55.4kms

Basically I’m injured so very slow running. Nowhere near my heart rate training zones and very frustrating. To be expected after the long relay leg the previous week. If things don’t improve it’s MRI time… 

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