Sunday, January 10, 2016

Not good

A pretty crap week. A poor start to the week training-wise - too much happening and I managed to get a few treadmill runs in (recovery pace). On Thursday I was taking the session in Claremorris with Mayo AC and my foot started to hurt (same problem as last week). Same pain the next day and just tried a few easy runs for the rest of the week. I can run but as soon as I lift the intensity the pain kicks in. Not sure what it is - the pain is on the underside of the foot beneath the second toe (index toe?). I'll take it easy for a few days to see if it settles. Hopefully nothing serious - just need to be sensible for a while, Pretty frustrating as I wanted to get back into things but I guess I've had a pretty good streak of injury free running the last 5 years!


TokyoRacer said...

Haven't a clue what might cause that but hope it sorts itself out soon.

Unknown said...

Hey Matt, I had a similar problem a year ago - unexplicable pain near the "index" of the left foot. I worried about stress fractures, but the physio said it was an issue having to do with the sciatica.
I did lots of 'flossing' ( and the pain went away.