Sunday, November 01, 2015

Dublin Marathon and beyond

A better finish to the week:

Mon - Claregalway 9.0km easy run 37:02 (4:07's)

Tue am - 2.0km up, Threshold treadmill reps 3/2/1/2/1/1kms, 1.0km down. All up 13.0kms

Tue pm - Easy running Tuam AC 9.9kms

Wed - Treadmill 10.0km recovery run 36:08 (3:37''s)

Thu am - 2.0km up, 10km treadmill threshold run 31:45 (3:11's), 2.0km down. All up 14.0kms

Thu pm - 
Easy running Mayo AC 7.8kms

Fri -  Claregalway 14.8km recovery run 57:39 (3:54''s)

Sat - Halloween 5km 1st in 16:42 as part of a 15km threshold run 51:43 (3:27's). Total 18.7kms

Sun - Claregalway 7.4km easy run 31:05 (4:12's)

Total for the week 104.6kms

A difficult week for training with the kids off school so lots of treadmill running. I wasn't right on Tuesday and really struggled running some intervals at threshold pace on the treadmill. I then bounced back with a much better run on Thursday and I decided to do a local Halloween 5km on Saturday and after completing the 5km in 16:42 I kept on running for a total of 15kms at a nice healthy pace.

I watched the Dublin Marathon on Monday and it looked very tough. Windy conditions would have slowed down the runners and heart rates were tracking much higher than training runs where conditions have been very good. Nonetheless there were some excellent performances from various clients and I'm inspired to give the marathon another go next year. Maybe Berlin which looks to be a good one.

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Keith S said...

Sub 2:30 at Berlin Matt, go for it and win that category in a major marathon I say, all the best Keith.