Sunday, October 16, 2016

Win #100

Another landmark but boy am I on struggle street:

Mon – 2km up, 10km treadmill threshold 31:56 (3:12’s), 1.0km down. All up 13.0kms

Tue am - Treadmill recovery run 10.0km 36:45 (3:41’s)

Tue pm – Tuam AC easy running 3.8kms

Wed – 2km up, 10km treadmill threshold 31:40 (3:10’s), 1.0km down. All up 13.0kms

Thu am – Treadmill easy run 10.0km 39:53 (3:59’s)

Thu pm – Mayo AC easy running 3.7kms

Fri - 2km up, 6 x 30 secs, 4 x 3 mins, 3.2km down. All up 10.0kms

Sat – Treadmill easy run 7.0km 30:00 (4:17’s)

Sun am – Bert Gillard 8km 27:40 (3:28’s)

Sun pm – Moylough 10km 35:31 (3:33’s) – all up 21.kms for the day

Weekly Total 92.0kms

I ran the 8km in Tuam at 10am and I wasn’t pushed so I took it fairly easy and won by a decent margin. I then jumped straight into the car and drove to Moylough which was about 15 minutes away. Just time to register and I lined up for my second race of the day. Again nobody to challenge me which was good as I wasn’t up to much. The race was tough for the first 5km but I managed to push the second half a little more to chalk up the second win of the day.

That second race was my 100th win since moving to Ireland (based on races where official results were released). I’ll put up the full list when I get a chance but that’s not a bad record in just 6 years!

Still not running well though – I’ll keep plugging away and see if I can get back into form by the end of the year…

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