Sunday, May 22, 2016

Night of the 10,000m PB's

The week that was:

Mon - Claregalway 9.5km recovery run 35:27 (3:44's)

Tue – 2km up, 5 mins LT, 6 x 90 secs off 60 secs, 2.4km down. All up 9.0km

Wed – Claregalway 9.5km easy run 39:25 (4:09's)

Thu – Treadmill 8.1km recovery run 30:00 (3:41’s) plus strides. All up 8.7km

Fri – Treadmill 5.0km easy run 22:41 (4:32’s)

Sat – Night of the 10,000m PB’s 32:17 (3:14’s). All up 11.7kms

Sun – Sprowston 8.8km easy run 38:38 (4:23’s)

Total for week 62.2km

Well it didn’t quite happen for me. Despite feeling nervous all week I wasn’t a bit nervous on the track. I’m not sure why. I settled into the run and by 1 mile I was toast. There was no build up to red-line – it just seemed to happen and I had nowhere to go. I never had any intention going with the lead group who were targeting 30 low so I was in pack #2 and I ended up in no mans-land. And I was simply hanging on….

The lap countdown was torture. In trouble with 20 laps to go and it was a slow grind home. Not sure why it didn’t happen. As a runner you always look for a reason – but I think it was just an off day. That said all times were down on the night – windy and humid conditions didn’t help. Perhaps the travel was a factor also. Who knows – a bad run and I’ll get over it. But it was a great experience and it is an event I’d like to have another crack at. The atmosphere was excellent and despite running poorly I know I’m in decent shape so hopefully I’ll come good soon.

I had my first beer within 2 minutes of crossing the finish line. It turned into the night of the 10,000m LP’s (London Prides). A good night followed watching the elite races and then into London until the early hours of the morning with my mate the Tank Driver. Great times.

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