Sunday, July 05, 2015

Another week and the Headford 8km

Mon - Claregalway recovery run 11.1kms 43:19 (3:54's)

Tue - 2km up, 10km treadmill threshold run 32:13 (3:13's), 2km down. All up 14.0kms.

Wed - Claregalway recovery run 9.5kms in 36:30 (3:51's)

Thu - 2km up, 12.0km Claregalway threshold run 42:34 (3:33'a), 2.1km down. All up 16.1kms.

Fri - Treadmill easy 9.3kms in 40:07 (4:19's)

Sat - Headford 8km first in 26:27. All up 19.5kms.

Sun - Claregalway recovery run 14.8kms in 56:25 (3:49's)

Total for week 94.3kms

I was expecting a good hit-out at Headford but after the gun had sounded I was well in control within the first 500m. So I decided to pull back and run at threshold intensity. I crossed the line for the win in 26:27 and kept going - running another lap to end up with a 15.8km threshold run at an average pace of 3:21/km. Very happy with that as conditions were wet and windy and heart rate was middle of the zone all the way. A few more runs like this as the build-up for the half marathon continues.

The guts of the training are still the threshold runs. I'm settling on 3 per week - one treadmill and two outdoors. The treadmill run is top of the zone, the race environment sees me middle of zone and the remaining outdoor run is lower zone. If I can get around 40km a week in at threshold for the next few weeks I will be in good form for the half.

Here are a few photos from Headford:

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