Sunday, February 01, 2015

Weekly Update

The week that was:

Mon - 11.1kms recovery run 42:00 (3:47/km)

Tue - 2km up, 13.7km threshold run 45:11 (3:18/km), 2km down, Total 17.7kms.

Wed - 10.0km treadmill recovery run 35:57 (3:36/km)

Thu - 2km up, 13.9km threshold run 45:06 (3:15/km), 1.6km down, Total 17.5kms.

Fri - 11.1kms recovery run 41:55 (3:47/km)

Sat - 10.0km  treadmill recovery run 36:31 (3:39/km)

Sun - 2km up, 14.0km threshold run 45:08 (3:13/km), 2.0km down, Total 18.0kms.

Total 95.4kms for the week.

Three good threshold runs in there (all treadmill). Pace getting quicker each time so that's a good sign. Happy with my progress.

Next week - more of the same with the National Masters XC in Tuam on the weekend.

Dad arrived Wednesday so a few visits to the pub to report.

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